Colonel Lang's Traveling Circus

On the Road
The Circus head toward Crutches

Colonel Lang asks to speak with Iris Lively in her office. Iris tells Lang that they need to hurry to the town of Crutches as it will be in danger. Lang confronts Iris about how she knows that Lang murdered Mother, the previous leader of the circus. Iris tells her that her secret is safe as long as Lang doesn’t threaten her and Lang asks her to prove herself by finding out who might be plotting against her in the circus.

Marlon Jag had to kick Sawyer out of his bus.

Lang order BJ to push an extra two hours. She tells The Circus that it is hurry and get medical supplies.

Iris and Iggy Stack are lover and shack up for the night. Later that evening Rebar drags Iggy out and starts to beat him up destroying his guitar in the process. Iris manages to save him as Rebar is afraid of her. Marlon catches Toothless Mae watching like she know something.

That evening Lang has a bad dream about being in a warehouse with Mother who tells her that Gideon is coming.

The next morning Lang hasTRJ bring Iggy to her office. Iggy refuses and manages to convince TRJ to side with him in bringing down Rebar. Eventually Iggy heads to the office where Lang (who has a crush on him) says that he should sleep for her and bring up how he fucked up a past trade when she trusted Iggy to go out on his own. He agrees.

After he tries to get Lang on his side about Rebar but she won’t hear it and says he should dump Iris for her and he could be a leader, or she might have to make an example of him by crushing his fingers.



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