Colonel Lang's Traveling Circus

The Maelstrom

Marlon Jag ditches his vehicle and meets up with Colonel Lang and the gang. Groups has to get out of the vehicles due to hundreds of religious pilgrims making their way to the pit. Iggy Stack opens his mind and is pulled mentally toward the pit.

They get to the edge of the pit in the center of town and climb to a room to watch over the ceremony. They take out a guard who came up not expecting to see them. Iggy contacts Gideon through the maelstrom who almost jumps off the room.

Lang sees the priests take up the Quartermaster Heradin up to a planetarium sphere in cuffs. The priests put a strange helmet on him and he jerks around until he dies. Iris feels a lot of energy pulled toward the pit.

In line is Rachael who Iggy had a child with. From his connection he is able to hypnotize the priests to prevent them from putting the helmet on others. Marlon shoots the helmet getting the attention of the priests who orders everyone to capture the circus. Lang orders Dotty to take out guard and help make their escape. Dotty is under partial control of the priests and turns on her.

Iggy still connected to Gideon convinces him to let the group go and he agrees. Iggy tries to convince Lang that it is safe to walk into the cult toward the tunnel but she refuses. Iggy gives her the transistor which convinces Lang he can be trusted and they head toward the tunnel.



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