Colonel Lang's Traveling Circus

Spit in the Face

Rebar puts together car games. Becomes more popular.

TripCity handing out drug came from Rebar that makes user excited and open to suggestion.

Iris looks into abyss and sees Rebar with chains wrapped around others.

Marlon and Iggy arrive in Crutches. Marlon meets up with the mechanic Markus and tells him about a cult that is meeting at end of week. He is afraid to leave. Markus gives him a list of people who might leave.

Iggy gets caught by some cultists. Marlon ties to get him out but get his ass kicked and he escapes.

Lang has Iris take the drug and she has a vision of following a river then tries to jump out the back of the office.

Lang makes a deal with TripCity trading the last of the medical supplies for a paralysis drug. Lang and Iris try to drug Rebar but he catches on. Lang injects him quickly but the two quickly find they have the entire gangs attention. They convince them to let them take Rebar but his second insists on going.




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