Colonel Lang's Traveling Circus

Pushing to Crutches.

A few days later find some stray vehicles with parts, supplies and gas. Stop to scavenge the vehicles which uses up 3 extra days.

Marlon Jag spots some tracks and buried metal object after a fresh rain. A woman on a small dirt bike speeds toward him while shooting. Marlon shoots the woman off the bike and drags her back for questioning.

Colonel Lang, Iggy Stack, Mother and Porkchop go to meet Marlon but see a biker gang behind. Iris Lively pops out of the trailer and says the person at the front has a RPG. Lang tries to take a shot but he fires off a missile which breaks into Lang’s camper. Marlon stops and puts a gun to the girls head causing the gang to stop. Marlon agrees to give the girl back if they leave. The guy trues to sneaka shot but Marlowe knocks him out.

Lang, Pimple and Porkchop flank them and the gang throws down their weapons. Lang asks who the leader is and the woman says the guy who Marlowe took down. Lang finishes off the guy and says the woman is the new leader. She says they will take a bike a hide their plugs but they can leave. Iggy sees that the woman called Min-e, has pure hate for Lang and warns the Colonel. Iris reads Min-e mind as Lang shoots and kills Min-e. The other bangers grab their guns and open fire wounding Lang and Iggy. They Circus gangers manage to get away.

The Circus moves on but Marlon has a few stop to search a metal object that turns out to be high tech tire spikes which are scavenged.

Iggy breaks up with Iris. He then commits to Lang. Lang talks with Iris about using the tire spikes against the attackers but Iris tells her that it isn’t a gang that is attacking but a swarm of locusts or birds. Lang talks with Marlon about the Circus who he says is stressed. She then tells him that he is sending him Iggy and a few others ahead to Crutches to get them to evacuate. Lang gives a speech to The Circus and crashes with Iggy.

Marlon’s group heads out and Toothless Mae hides in the back of the jeep. She tells Iggy that Rebar attacked him because she framed him by telling Rebar that she was cheating on him with Iggy. Iggy tells Mae to poison Rebar with cookies that will make him sick.

Later that evening Iris sneaks into Lang’s tent and reads the Maelstrom with Lang piggy backing. Iris gets an idea “If Lang takes the baptism Iris must decide if she lives or dies.”

Freaked out Lang rushes out and pukes. Unable to fall back to sleep she hangs out with Rebar and his gang. Rebar has some good whiskey and Lang asked where he found it and why he didn’t tell her. He says he found it in the scavenge recently. Lang asks if she can have a bottle and Rebar says only if he can have the Soutwest area of Crutches. Lang tries to argue that they are protecting Crutches but realizes that she is surrounded by Rebar’s gang without who most trusted soldiers and Rebar has Gideon’s cross on his boot. She nodes her head, takes the booze and walks away.




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