Colonel Lang's Traveling Circus

Fear and Loathing

Colonel Lang and Iris drag Rebar and to Lang’s Office. Lang asks him some questions in his drugged up state and he reveals that he is working for Gideon and trying to take over The Circus. Iris plans a suggestion in his mind to leave the Circus and strike out on his own.

Marlon Jag and Misty are badly hurt and finds the local doctor, Nana and stabilizes him for helping her get out of Crutches.

Dotty, Rebar’s girl, meets with Lang and says she will stick around with 5 fighter if she gets Rebar’s old job. Lang agrees.

Marlon has a weird dream about Misty. Nana has reported them to the authorities. He sneaks out with Misty. He sees a girl with Iggy’s old guitar. He finds out her name is Siren and a friend of Iggy’s. She agrees to distract cultists to try and save Iggy. Marlon gets in his jeep and drives through the wall while Iggy is trying to escape. They make a clean getaway.

Pimple and TRJ get back to the Circus and fill in Lang. She has a meeting with them and gets filled in on Crutches. She meets with Dotty, Iris and TRJ. Lang decides to take Iris, Dotty and her gang to trade supplies while TRJ sets up the Circus in a defensive canyon with The Party bus.

Iris and Lang head into Crutches and do some trading. An explosion occurs at the entrance. Iris has a vision of refugees and a secret entrance to crutches causing her eyes to bleed. Lang gets in contact with Marlon and he says to meet at the pit and has an idea about the entrance.



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