Colonel Lang's Traveling Circus

The Maelstrom

Marlon Jag ditches his vehicle and meets up with Colonel Lang and the gang. Groups has to get out of the vehicles due to hundreds of religious pilgrims making their way to the pit. Iggy Stack opens his mind and is pulled mentally toward the pit.

They get to the edge of the pit in the center of town and climb to a room to watch over the ceremony. They take out a guard who came up not expecting to see them. Iggy contacts Gideon through the maelstrom who almost jumps off the room.

Lang sees the priests take up the Quartermaster Heradin up to a planetarium sphere in cuffs. The priests put a strange helmet on him and he jerks around until he dies. Iris feels a lot of energy pulled toward the pit.

In line is Rachael who Iggy had a child with. From his connection he is able to hypnotize the priests to prevent them from putting the helmet on others. Marlon shoots the helmet getting the attention of the priests who orders everyone to capture the circus. Lang orders Dotty to take out guard and help make their escape. Dotty is under partial control of the priests and turns on her.

Iggy still connected to Gideon convinces him to let the group go and he agrees. Iggy tries to convince Lang that it is safe to walk into the cult toward the tunnel but she refuses. Iggy gives her the transistor which convinces Lang he can be trusted and they head toward the tunnel.

Fear and Loathing

Colonel Lang and Iris drag Rebar and to Lang’s Office. Lang asks him some questions in his drugged up state and he reveals that he is working for Gideon and trying to take over The Circus. Iris plans a suggestion in his mind to leave the Circus and strike out on his own.

Marlon Jag and Misty are badly hurt and finds the local doctor, Nana and stabilizes him for helping her get out of Crutches.

Dotty, Rebar’s girl, meets with Lang and says she will stick around with 5 fighter if she gets Rebar’s old job. Lang agrees.

Marlon has a weird dream about Misty. Nana has reported them to the authorities. He sneaks out with Misty. He sees a girl with Iggy’s old guitar. He finds out her name is Siren and a friend of Iggy’s. She agrees to distract cultists to try and save Iggy. Marlon gets in his jeep and drives through the wall while Iggy is trying to escape. They make a clean getaway.

Pimple and TRJ get back to the Circus and fill in Lang. She has a meeting with them and gets filled in on Crutches. She meets with Dotty, Iris and TRJ. Lang decides to take Iris, Dotty and her gang to trade supplies while TRJ sets up the Circus in a defensive canyon with The Party bus.

Iris and Lang head into Crutches and do some trading. An explosion occurs at the entrance. Iris has a vision of refugees and a secret entrance to crutches causing her eyes to bleed. Lang gets in contact with Marlon and he says to meet at the pit and has an idea about the entrance.

Spit in the Face

Rebar puts together car games. Becomes more popular.

TripCity handing out drug came from Rebar that makes user excited and open to suggestion.

Iris looks into abyss and sees Rebar with chains wrapped around others.

Marlon and Iggy arrive in Crutches. Marlon meets up with the mechanic Markus and tells him about a cult that is meeting at end of week. He is afraid to leave. Markus gives him a list of people who might leave.

Iggy gets caught by some cultists. Marlon ties to get him out but get his ass kicked and he escapes.

Lang has Iris take the drug and she has a vision of following a river then tries to jump out the back of the office.

Lang makes a deal with TripCity trading the last of the medical supplies for a paralysis drug. Lang and Iris try to drug Rebar but he catches on. Lang injects him quickly but the two quickly find they have the entire gangs attention. They convince them to let them take Rebar but his second insists on going.


Pushing to Crutches.

A few days later find some stray vehicles with parts, supplies and gas. Stop to scavenge the vehicles which uses up 3 extra days.

Marlon Jag spots some tracks and buried metal object after a fresh rain. A woman on a small dirt bike speeds toward him while shooting. Marlon shoots the woman off the bike and drags her back for questioning.

Colonel Lang, Iggy Stack, Mother and Porkchop go to meet Marlon but see a biker gang behind. Iris Lively pops out of the trailer and says the person at the front has a RPG. Lang tries to take a shot but he fires off a missile which breaks into Lang’s camper. Marlon stops and puts a gun to the girls head causing the gang to stop. Marlon agrees to give the girl back if they leave. The guy trues to sneaka shot but Marlowe knocks him out.

Lang, Pimple and Porkchop flank them and the gang throws down their weapons. Lang asks who the leader is and the woman says the guy who Marlowe took down. Lang finishes off the guy and says the woman is the new leader. She says they will take a bike a hide their plugs but they can leave. Iggy sees that the woman called Min-e, has pure hate for Lang and warns the Colonel. Iris reads Min-e mind as Lang shoots and kills Min-e. The other bangers grab their guns and open fire wounding Lang and Iggy. They Circus gangers manage to get away.

The Circus moves on but Marlon has a few stop to search a metal object that turns out to be high tech tire spikes which are scavenged.

Iggy breaks up with Iris. He then commits to Lang. Lang talks with Iris about using the tire spikes against the attackers but Iris tells her that it isn’t a gang that is attacking but a swarm of locusts or birds. Lang talks with Marlon about the Circus who he says is stressed. She then tells him that he is sending him Iggy and a few others ahead to Crutches to get them to evacuate. Lang gives a speech to The Circus and crashes with Iggy.

Marlon’s group heads out and Toothless Mae hides in the back of the jeep. She tells Iggy that Rebar attacked him because she framed him by telling Rebar that she was cheating on him with Iggy. Iggy tells Mae to poison Rebar with cookies that will make him sick.

Later that evening Iris sneaks into Lang’s tent and reads the Maelstrom with Lang piggy backing. Iris gets an idea “If Lang takes the baptism Iris must decide if she lives or dies.”

Freaked out Lang rushes out and pukes. Unable to fall back to sleep she hangs out with Rebar and his gang. Rebar has some good whiskey and Lang asked where he found it and why he didn’t tell her. He says he found it in the scavenge recently. Lang asks if she can have a bottle and Rebar says only if he can have the Soutwest area of Crutches. Lang tries to argue that they are protecting Crutches but realizes that she is surrounded by Rebar’s gang without who most trusted soldiers and Rebar has Gideon’s cross on his boot. She nodes her head, takes the booze and walks away.


On the Road
The Circus head toward Crutches

Colonel Lang asks to speak with Iris Lively in her office. Iris tells Lang that they need to hurry to the town of Crutches as it will be in danger. Lang confronts Iris about how she knows that Lang murdered Mother, the previous leader of the circus. Iris tells her that her secret is safe as long as Lang doesn’t threaten her and Lang asks her to prove herself by finding out who might be plotting against her in the circus.

Marlon Jag had to kick Sawyer out of his bus.

Lang order BJ to push an extra two hours. She tells The Circus that it is hurry and get medical supplies.

Iris and Iggy Stack are lover and shack up for the night. Later that evening Rebar drags Iggy out and starts to beat him up destroying his guitar in the process. Iris manages to save him as Rebar is afraid of her. Marlon catches Toothless Mae watching like she know something.

That evening Lang has a bad dream about being in a warehouse with Mother who tells her that Gideon is coming.

The next morning Lang hasTRJ bring Iggy to her office. Iggy refuses and manages to convince TRJ to side with him in bringing down Rebar. Eventually Iggy heads to the office where Lang (who has a crush on him) says that he should sleep for her and bring up how he fucked up a past trade when she trusted Iggy to go out on his own. He agrees.

After he tries to get Lang on his side about Rebar but she won’t hear it and says he should dump Iris for her and he could be a leader, or she might have to make an example of him by crushing his fingers.



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